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eARC Book review: Beyond Forever (O'Kane for Life #2) by Kit Rocha


Available October 24th 2017
eARC Provided by author

Before they were the King and Queen… 

Six years before the Beyond series started, an ambitious bootlegger named Dallas O’Kane caught a very pretty thief named Lex with her hand in his safe. 

The rest is very sexy history. 

In Beyond Forever, follow Dallas and Lex through the turning points in their relationship, from the night he caught her trying to rob him, through his rise to successful bootlegger, to legend, to Sector Leader--with Lex always there, willing to give him the push he needs. 

Beyond Forever is a prequel novella that jumps through time to tell the story of the biggest moments in the formation of the O’Kanes and their King and Queen. It will be far more enjoyable if you’ve already read Beyond Control, and contains spoilers for the entire Beyond series. 

First you need to read the Beyond series to understand what's going on in this novella. It takes you back to before the beyond series begins and then after it's over. Dallas and Lex weren't always together. They had their own separate pasts until those pasts clashed together on one fateful night when Lex robbed Dallas of a fortune and then decided to give it back. This novella fills in the blanks on what happened with Dallas and Lex before the Beyond series started. Very eye opening to the fact that Dallas didn't always seem to know what he was doing. He wasn't always the bad ass he seemed to be. Lex truly made him who he was. A must read for those who had read the series.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

eARC Book review: Nauti Angel (Nauti #9) by Lora Leigh


Available November 7th 2017
eARC Provided by publisher through Netgalley

Angel Calloway isn't the girl next door. Known for being rude and cursing like a sailor on a bender, she's meaner than the two mercenaries she's followed since she was young. Needing anyone is not what she's about. Or so she thought--until she found the mother she was taken from so long ago, Chaya Mackay, wife to the notorious Natches Mackay.

One night with Angel and devilishly sexy Marine Reece Duquaine was hooked. She nearly blew his head off, and moments later, she blew his mind. He's been after her ever since, wrestling with a desire that fights to consume him. But now he has her in his sights--and is ready to take his shot. 
Unless someone else moves in for the kill first...

I have to confess I have not read every book in this series. I'm missing a few in the middle but i did read Natches and Chaya's book way back when it came out so i knew the history there before starting this one.  Angel is as tough as they come. Tougher than she should have to be. She thought she was abandoned by her mother when she was only three. Now 20 years later she is forced to lay it all out there shocking many. Once the cat is out of the bag though things get crazy when someone also seems to be trying to kidnap Bliss and kill Angel. This is a emotional book for pretty much all the characters. There's a lot of intense danger mixed in although nothing really actually happens until the very end were made to feel like something is imminent. There's a bit of a twist at the end that is actually pretty easy to see coming. Parts are very predictable and if the parties involved actually acted like adults considering the dangerous situation they were in things could've been figured out sooner. Angel kind of is made to have her feelings dismissed at the beginning and a better part of the book. This angered me because between her and Chaya she is still the child in this scenario.  Why should she forgive instantly after all the stuff she's gone through in the past twenty years? Somehow the book still worked for me over all.  If i overlooked the stuff that bothered me. I think it was Duke and Angel that made it for me. Angel is tough and she gives no quarter to anyone for being so. Duke is there for her backing her up in every way. Over all i enjoyed it.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

eARC Book review: The Wicked Billionaire (Tate Brothers #2) by Jackie Ashenden


Available now!
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The Tate Brothers were once orphans and they have been raised to do one thing only: protect what is theirs.

As a trained sniper and Navy SEAL, Lucas Tate found the courage to distance himself from the wealthy, wicked patriarch who adopted him. Instead, he’s devoted his life to the elite band of brothers from his unit. So when the widow of one of his former comrades finds herself in apparent danger, Lucas makes it his job to protect her against all enemies. . .and not let her out of his sights.

Grace Riley feels overwhelmed by Lucas's presence, but the cold-eyed marksman will do anything to keep her safe. Soon the special attention he pays her becomes a wild romantic distraction―one that troubles Grace, since Lucas was so close to her deceased husband. Still, how can she resist Lucas’s intense, ice-blue stare? All she knows is that a life without strong, passionate Lucas is one not worth living. Can Lucas can fi
nd a way to honor his former brother-in-arms by saving Grace. . .and loving her, too? 

This is the second book in this series. Book one was OK but the other brothers interested me so i decided to stick with it. Lucas Tate is cold. He went cold because of events in his life while growing up. Feelings became dangerous or so he thought. When he gets a letter from his deceased adoptive father telling him to protect Grace Riley he doesn't want to do it but feels he must. Grace was married to to a friend of his who got killed in the military but was doing something wrong. Having met Grace through him before he was unsettled by her. He refused to look to hard at it though. Now he's stuck with her for the duration. Until he can figure out what's really going on. I liked this one better but of course i wanted to kick Lucas' butt for hurting Grace. It was inevitable. He doesn't know what love it and Grace has her own twisted sense of love as well. It was fun to see them together once they finally let go for a bit. There's some sneaky peaks of the other two brothers and some surprises. Over all a good read.

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eARC Book review: Hold Her Again by Shannon Stacey


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Ava Wright isn't happy to see her high school sweetheart rolling into their hometown a few weeks before Christmas. He's only come back to bury his estranged father, but there's no way she'll be able to avoid him. No one can: he's become a country-music superstar since going solo and leaving Ava behind. 

Jace Morrow grew up believing "money can't buy happiness" was something people said to make themselves feel better. But now he knows it's the truth: no matter how many number-one hits he has, he'll never recapture the magic of singing with Ava. Missing her—loving her—and living with making the wrong choice in life were what made him who he is. 

When Jace is roped into being part of the town's annual Christmas party, he only cares about earning Ava's forgiveness. And though Ava's heart has never healed, she loved Jace too much and for too long to shut him out when he's hurting. As they fall in love all over again, they're both faced with choices for their future…and this time Jace intends to make the right one. 

This a classic second chance story. Jace Morrow and Ava Wright were a young talented musical couple. They had hoped to one day hit it big in country music as a duo. Moving to St. Louis, Missouri they took a first step at getting that when Jace is offered a chance at mega success but without Ava. He takes it leaving Ava in the dust. Now several years later Jace's father dies bringing him back home for a funeral and a chance to see Ava. No real surprises in this story. Jace and Ava were both young when Jace left her but maturity has helped both see that mistakes were made on both their parts. Jace has to work and getting Ava back have no doubts there. It's a nice evening read you can sit back and enjoy with just enough angst and emotion to be enjoyable. 

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eARC Book review:Hot Pursuit (Black Knights Inc. #11) by Julie Ann Walker


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He puts the hot...
Christian Watson, a former SAS officer and current BKI operator, never thought he would return to England after a terrible turn of events forced him to abandon his homeland. But now he's back on British soil where old enemies are determined to do him in. Fighting for his life is pretty much SOP for Christian. Doing it with the beautiful, bossy Emily Scott in tow is another matter entirely.

In hot pursuit.
Emily lost her coveted job at the CIA because of a colleague turned rogue, and now she has just one rule when it comes to men: they're for recreational purposes only. But when she and Christian are thrust into very close quarters while evading two mysterious men who want Christian dead, she can't help but question all her ideas about love and life lived on the edge. Battling the bad guys is hard enough, battling her feelings for Christian just might prove impossible.

Christian comes across as this cultured Englishman. Not a hair out of place, perfect clothes and a British accent. Emily is the office manager for BKI. She is a badass at running other people's lives while she ignores her own. They get on each other's nerves and are constantly sniping at each other until they are forced into close quarters situation when Christian's crazy past catches up with him. The two of them are on the run with 2 other BKI guys and a friend of Emily's. Things get intense quick. There is no room for secrets anymore with 2 bad guys and the press after them they need to get out of England and quick. Christian has been this big question mark for the past few books and what you see is not what you get. Emily has her own secrets and they've shaped her views on relationships. Christian hope he's up to the job of changing her mind. I loved these two sniping at each other and i loved watching them be there for each other. The other guys in this book are Angel, Ace and Rusty who is Emily's friend. There some intense stuff between Ace and Rusty and of course Angel is a huge ginormous mystery. I loved Angel back when he appeared in Boss and Becky's book and i still love him. His story has got to be intense with the hints we've gotten about his past. We know very little about Ace and Rusty is the new guy but they are explosive together. So much going on with the character's in this book but i feel it lacked a little of the action. Poor Christian had to work hard to reach Emily in the end and i think she was over the top a bit. Overall a satisfying book. Look forward to Angel's book and to see what happens with Ace and Rusty.

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eARC Book review: Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas (Happy, Texas #2) by Carolyn Brown


Available September 26th 2017
eARC Provided by Publisher through Netgalley

Nash Lamont is a man about as solitary as they come. That's exactly why ranch life in middle-of-nowhere Happy, Texas suits him. So what the heck is he doing letting a beautiful widow and her three rambunctious children temporarily move in? Before he knows it, they're stringing Christmas lights and decorating the tree... and he's having the time of his life. But after everything he's been through, Nash knows this kind of happiness doesn't last.
Kasey Dawson thought she'd never get over the death of her husband. Nash, with his strong hands and infinite patience, is stirring something she hasn't felt in a long time. Kasey knows the sexy cowboy isn't telling her everything about this past, though. And she refuses to risk heartbreak all over again. But her kids have a plan of their own: Nothing will keep them from having a real family again-even if it takes a little help from Santa himself.

Nash Lamont is dealing with some serious PTSD. His grandmother sends him to his uncle's ranch to hopefully find his way back to himself. Kasey Dawson has been dealing with the death of her Army husband for 2 years. She moved back to her family ranch so that she could get help with her three kids and hopefully mend her broken heart. Then she meets Nash. Somehow falling off and ladder and getting a concussion lands him a chance to spend time with Kasey and her kids in his ranch home. The author mentions at the beginning of this book that this was a very emotional book for her to write. Within the first chapter you can see it's not a lie. Nash and Kasey had some serious hurdles to get to their HEA in this book. Not everyone in the family is on their side. There is of course some secrets as well. The kids give out most of the humor and fun in this story and i loved them all. I have to add that Adam McKay is Kasey's deceased husband and he is killed before this series began and somehow he still makes a heck of a impression in this book. This book was enjoyable. It made me laugh and it made me cry and it even made go download some music that's mentioned in the book. Read it and you'll see what i mean.

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eARC Book review: Promise Me Forever (Barefoot Bay Kindle World) by Jules Bennett


Available now!
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a Kindle World novella

Nobody likes a blind date…

Dance instructor Katie Foster embarks on a trip in Mimosa Key to oversee the renovations on her aunt’s historic home. All she expects is sun, sand, a little dance, and a few fruity cocktails. What she didn’t expect is coming face to face with her past. Roman Grant, all of the hopeful, passionate, devastating feelings from eight years ago come flooding back. But Katie is stronger. Smarter. She also has a secret—one, if Roman knew, that would end their affair before the next sunset.

Especially with an ex…

An out of town job in on a picturesque island promised long days of hard work followed by nights in paradise. Roman sure as hell doesn’t expect paradise to come in the form of his ex-wife. Katie looks great, feels better, and once he gets another taste of her lips, Roman knows he’ll do anything to win her back. Now that he’s working on her aunt’s home, this gives him the exact angle he needs.

But will this time lead to forever…

The more he pursues her, the farther Katie retreats. Roman succeeds in getting her into his bed, but there’s something she’s not telling him. There’s no way he’ll pass up a shot at a second chance with Katie. Once upon a time, he vowed to stay with her forever. It’s past time to make good on his promise.

I don't often hang out in the Kindle Worlds but they are often a lot of fun. All you need is a favorite series that has a Kindle World and read. Jules Bennett is delving into Roxanne St Claire's Kindle World with her Barefoot Bay series. Authors get to play in the world but make up their own story. These are easily stand alone stories. Promise Me Forever is a second chance story. Katie Foster is escaping to her aunts house for a bit while she wait to see if her new adventure is going to work out. A dance studio for children. Waiting to see is she'll get the loan she needs she agrees to oversee the renovations on her aunt's house. Roman Grant is the guy doing the work and surprise also Katie's ex-husband. They haven't seen each other in years but sparks fly between them anyway. Watching these two figure out if they can take another shot at forever was fun. I so loved Roman. You can read this in one evening and do nothing but sit back and enjoy!

Find out more about the Barefoot Bay Kindle world series and Jules Bennett and Roxanne St Claire here.

Roxanne St Claire  
Jules Bennett

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eARC Book review: Demon Hunting with a Sexy Ex (Demon Hunting #5) by Lexi George


Available Sept. 19th 2017
eARC Provided by publisher through Netgalley

Southern-fried demons. Hell-raising rednecks. And one killer ex-boyfriend...

This with is on fire

Cassandra Ferguson McKenna, aka the Witch of Devil River, has only one thing to say to her demon-hunting ex: We are never ever getting back together. Sure, Duncan Dalvhani may be the hottest thing this side of the Mason-Dixon line. He’s got a body to die for—which is hard to ignore when he skinny dips in her river every day—and swears he loves her. But as a demon hunter, Duncan is the sworn enemy of a demonoid sorceress like Cassandra. Give him another chance to break her heart? Witch, please. But when Cassandra is attacked by a werewolf, Duncan not only comes to her rescue, he helps her take on a band of magic-drunk moonshiners, fire-breathing demons, shifty shapeshifters, and a pet Sasquatch named Sugar. Welcome to Alabama. But when a portal opens up for even more hellaciousness, Cassandra has to admit that Duncan is slowly opening her heart—to a whole new world of unearthly delights...

This is the 5th installment of the Demon Hunting series.  This is not really a stand alone book so if you haven't read the previous books read at your own risk. Cassie and Duncan had a past. This went horribly wrong and Duncan said something really hurtful and crushed Cassie. Her brother's three children were in her care and died and she blamed herself. With all that she fled. Duncan came back 2 weeks later to find her gone and had been searching for her ever since. Even though they've both been back to Hannah they were never there at the same time til now. I liked seeing all the familiar characters from the previous books in this series and would love to have seen more of them. In the first few books there was so much comedy in them and there is some in this one but not like the first books and i missed that. I like the slang as well but at times in this book there was to much and it made it hard to understand what was trying to be said.  It's just not as good as the first books in the series but still a solid read. I love the quirkiness and the whole world and can't wait to see how the loose ends with some of the characters will play out in the next book. 

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eARC Book review: Second Chance Girl (Happily Inc. #2) by Susan Mallery


Available September 26th 2017
eARC provided by publisher through Netgalley

Mathias Mitchell's easy smile hides a world of hurt. After the worst kind of family betrayal, he moves to Happily Inc., California—the wedding destination town supplies a steady stream of bridesmaids, perfect for his "no promises, no pain" lifestyle. Yet he can't stop watching for his beautiful, elusive neighbor on the animal preserve behind their homes. 

Gamekeeper Carol Lund knows she's not special enough to attract an alpha male like Mathias, so his offer to help her adopt a herd for her lonely giraffe is surprising—and his determined seduction, even more so. But just as she finally welcomes him into her bed, his careless actions crush her heart. Will she give him a second chance to prove she'll always come first in his heart?

This is the second book in the Fools Gold spin off series. Luckily for Fool's Gold fans  we get to see some of those characters from that series. Three of the Mitchell brothers moved to Happily Inc from Fool's Gold. Nick got his story in book one and now it's Mathias' turn for a HEA. Mathias spent over 20 years thinking he was a twin. His dad blew that all apart when he announced that he had a affair and his mistress at the time was the mother of Ronan his twin. That broke the bond between the two brothers. Mathias is a glass artist like his two brothers and father but he gave up the fine glass work when his dad destroyed a piece of his finest work and told him it was crap. Now he makes dishes and vases. Carol is his neighbor and takes care of the animals at her families animal preserve. She thinks she's a plain jane and no where near in Mathias' league. These two start out as friends but are there for each other when they need it. There's also a side story with Carol's sister Violet that's sweet but quick. Much of the story is about helping Carol raise money for Millie her lone Giraffe at the preserve but also the relationship between the Mitchell brothers and their parents as they prepare for the oldest brother Del's wedding. There were some slow spots in this book but overall i really enjoyed it. If your looking for a good relaxing read with some funny bits this book will work for you.

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eARC Book review: Chasing Christmas Eve (Heartbreaker Bay #4) by Jill Shalvis


Available Sept. 26th 2017
eARC Provided by publisher through Netgalley

Meet cute...

Run for the hills—temporarily. That's Colbie Albright's plan when she flees New York for San Francisco. Wrangling her crazy family by day and writing a bestselling YA fantasy series by night has taken its toll. In short, Colbie's so over it that she's under it. She's also under the waters of a historic San Francisco fountain within an hour of arrival. Fortunately, the guy who fishes Colbie out has her looking forward to Christmas among strangers. But she's pretty sure Spencer Baldwin won't be a stranger for long.

Make merry...

Spence's commitment to hiding from the Ghosts of Relationships Past means he doesn't have to worry about the powerful—okay, crazy hot chemistry—he's got with Colbie. Just because she can laugh at anything, especially herself... just because she's gorgeous and a great listener just because she gets Spence immediately doesn't mean he won't be able to let Colbie go. Does it?

and hope for a miracle.

Now the clock's ticking for Colbie and Spence: Two weeks to cut loose. Two weeks to fall hard. Two weeks to figure out how to make this Christmas last a lifetime.

Jill Shalvis continues the Heartbreaker Bay series with Chasing Christmas Eve. Our favorite nerd finally get his story. Colbie Albright ran away from home. No she's not a kid and yes she really needed to. A series of not good events put Colbie in the position of being the boss of everyone in her family. Spencer Baldwin is the resident geek of the bunch that hangs out together in the Cow Hollow district where he lives and works in San Francisco. When Spence is responsible for knocking the newly arrived Colbie into the fountain in the courtyard of his building sparks fly.  There's a zip between the two as soon as Spence hauls Colbie out of the water. Spence is a great friend to every one of his posse but he's clearly been hurting and keeping it to himself.  He doesn't think there's a happy ending for him. He's tried before and it blew up in his face when he couldn't seem to pull back from his work to notice his girlfriend. Colbie has had to be the adult of her family even when she was a young kid. Her dad  left when she was six and her twin brothers were babies. She stepped up to help her mom and ended up having everything put on her shoulders. Now a successful YA author she finally has the money to help her family but they seems to depend on her for every little thing still. Her career is dangerously close to going off the rails even as she's at the pinnacle of her success.  With all this weighing on her shoulders she arrives in San Francisco and meets Spencer within a hour of arriving. Boom bangety bang and there are fireworks! It was fun watching these two together.  Of course Spencer's friends are there to add to the excitement. I love how Shalvis makes it feel like they are all a family. They may fuss and fight a bit but they still look out for each other and have no trouble adding Colbie into that mix. Want a book you can sit back and enjoy cover to cover? This is it. I don't think you need to read the other books in this series to enjoy this one either. 

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eARC Book review: Deacon (Gideon’s Riders #2) by Kit Rocha


Available now!
eARC Provided by author

Ana has trained most of her life to achieve one goal: to prove that anything men can do, she can do better. Now she’s Sector One’s first female Rider, and being the best is the only way to ensure she won’t be its last. Distractions aren’t allowed--especially not her painful attraction to the reserved but demanding leader whose stern, grumpy demeanor has already gotten into her head.

Deacon has spent the last twenty years trying to atone for his past, but the blood he spilled as a mercenary and assassin will never wash away entirely. If his riders knew the extent of his sins, he’d lose their trust and respect. It’s easier to keep them all at arm’s length, especially Ana. But his newest recruit’s stubbornness is starting to crack his defenses.

And their sparring matches are driving him wild.

The passion sparking between them can’t be denied, but neither can the vengeance barreling toward Deacon. When his old squad comes back to punish him for his betrayal, Ana and the Riders are squarely in the line of fire. The only way to save his people may be to make the ultimate sacrifice. 

But first, he has to convince Ana not to follow him straight into hell.

Deacon is in charge of all the Riders and Ana is the first female Rider. That's a lot of stress right there. That's just the tip of the ice burg for these two. Deacon wasn't always a Rider and his past seems to be catching up with him quick fast and possible deadly. Ana has been training to be a Rider since she was little when her dad was a Rider and taught her everything he knew. With him gone she's on her own now and feels she always got to prove she belongs. The pressure from that as well as all the little girls who look up to her is a lot. Then there is Deacon. There's a lot of pressure in being the boss and dealing with everything that goes with it but keep your feeling remote is something that seems necessary until Ana.  Ana forces him open and once he's open his whole life changes. His secret past life comes out twenty years since it ended. The Riders all struggle with it but there is a greater risk. His past is coming back to kill him or is it? It sure seems like it. This story has some twists and turns. I loved Deacon and Ana together. They didn't seem to fight the attraction long in this story but their relationship as it was has been brewing for a while. So not as quick as it seems. The Riders have to think fast when their is a final showdown and decisions have to be made.  Kit Rocha delivers another great read. The pace was quick and steady and the story compelling. I'm ready to see what happens next!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

eARC Book review: Arm Candy (Real Love #2) by Jessica Lemmon


Available Sept. 5th 2017
eARC Provided by publisher through Netgalley

Davis: I’ve had my eye on Grace Buchanan for a while now. Unlike the bubbly blondes I usually date, the feisty, flame-haired bartender both intrigues and bewilders me. Something about Grace—the tattoos? the nose ring?—makes every part of me sit up and beg. There’s only one problem: She hates me. Trading insults and one-liners has become our M.O. But when Grace bets me that I can’t get a date with a non-blonde if my life depends on it, I’m determined to prove her wrong by landing the ultimate non-blonde: her.

Grace: I’m used to regulars hitting on me, and I’ve turned them all down, except for one: Davis Price. I like giving him a hard time, and he’s kind of cute in his suit and tie—if you’re into that kind of thing. Anyway, I don’t care how many blondes he takes home . . . until one of them sidles up to him in my bar. Nuh-uh. But after my little bet with Davis backfires, our first date lands us in the sack. So does the second. And the third. Neither of us wants more than the best sex of our lives. The trouble is, it’s not a question of what I want. It’s what I need. And what I need is Davis.

Davis Price experienced the ultimate relationship disappointment. Left at the alter literally at the last second at a destination wedding. That could screw a guy up for life! Since then he's been serial dating and it's been 6 years. Grace Buchanan has been doing her own thing after her college degree job ate her up and spit  her out. Now she's a bartender and Davis just happens to be one of her regular customers. They seem to have a hate/hate relationship until Davis makes a dating bet. Once given a chance to know each other sparks fly between the two. It's a toss up with their messed up backgrounds who will walk out first. Grace's parents got a bitter divorce then her dad bailed on her. Davis not only had his runaway bride but his mom took off on him when his dad died. In the relationship stakes both have a lot working against them.  If only they can be brave. I loved this couple. Individually and together.  In the beginning i thought maybe Davis was going to be an ass and the flake in the relationship but he was a pleasant surprise.  All i can say is this is a must read book. The emotional stuff is gripping and the sexy scenes are hot. The slow but steady pace will suck you right in and deliver you to a fast and emotional ending.

Find out more about this series and author Jessica Lemmon here

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eARC Book review: The Cowboy's Second-Chance Family (Return to Stonerock) by Jules Bennett


Available Sept 1st 2017
eARC Provided by author for review

Finding love twice in a lifetime 
When Lucy Brooks lost her husband, her dreams of a family went with him. Now her life is a busy balance of friends, work and the demands of her small ranch. When she meets handsome, brooding Noah Spencer, she recognizes the grief in his penetrating eyes. And yet she can't deny the feelings—and hope—that he has reawakened within her. 
All widower Noah has in life is his little daughter and a fresh start as Stonerock's newest police officer. Right now this cowboy needs to keep his life simple and his heart guarded. Yet he can't resist the instant pull of sweet, selfless Lucy. This could be a second chance at happily-ever-after…if they can both let go of the past. 

Jules Bennett tells a story of two people dealing with the hard path that is grief. Lucy Brooks lost her husband two years ago and with two of her friends started a support group for those who are dealing with similar things. It's to help her cope and help others deal too. In walks this sexy brooding cowboy at the latest meeting and Lucy is automatically drawn to him and the pain she sees in his eyes. Que a sigh. It's definitely worthy of one. Noah Spencer is new to Stonerock and looking to start over with his adorable little girl. Seems no matter where he turns there's Lucy. His wife passed away tragically 6 months earlier and he questions if he's ready for someone else. Seems no matter what the pair do they keep being drawn back together.  I loved this story. It's one of those books you can kick back and relax and read in a evening. You get into it and before you know it you've hit the last page. The characters are all fun and awesome and you want things to work out for everyone. Both Lucy and Noah struggle to find their way back to a path in life where things can be good again. It's enjoyable to watch them figure out they need each other to do that.

Find out more about this series and Jules Bennett here

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

eARC Book review: You Say It First (Happily Inc. #1) by Susan Mallery


Available August 22, 2017
eARC Provided by publisher through Netgalley

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Fool's Gold romances invites you to visit Happily Inc., a wedding destination founded on a fairy tale 

Sculptor Nick Mitchell grew up in a family of artists and learned from his volatile father that passion only leads to pain. As he waits on a new commission, he takes a day job as a humble carpenter at a theme wedding venue. The job has its perks—mainly the venue's captivating owner, Pallas Saunders. Although he won't let love consume him, for ecstasy with an expiration date, he's all in. 

Pallas adores Weddings in a Box. But if she can't turn the floundering business around, she'll have no choice but cave to her domineering mother and trade taffeta for trust funds working at the family's bank. Then when a desperate bride begs Pallas for something completely out of the box, her irresistible new hire inspires her. Nick knows she doesn't belong behind a desk, and she knows in her heart that he's right—where she really belongs is in his arms.

This brand new spinoff from the Fools Gold series starts with Nick Mitchell. One of several brothers we met in Fools Gold California. Nick and two of his brothers now reside in Happily Inc. California. All artists, the brothers work through family issues together but each has their own as well. Nick finds himself working for Pallas Saunders wedding business. He's there for the job of rehabbing some wooden artistic panels but ends up helping her with the creative side of her business as well. When Pallas' good friend left her Weddings in a Box in his will she has to decide if she can make a go of it or give into the pressure her mom has been putting on her to work with her at the local family bank. Both Nick and Pallas have relationship hang ups but they click immediately. The chemistry was amazing and i loved Nick right from the start. It was a toss up on which would blow the relationship first but watching them be together and support each other was fun. I think this is amazing start to this new spin off series. It's not always easy to make these spin off series work but i feel like this one is going to be a winner. One of those enjoyable reads where you practically smile as you read every page.

Find out more about Susan Mallery and this series here

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eARC Book review: Dirty Deeds (Dirty #1) by HelenKay Dimon


Available now
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No dirty deed goes unnoticed in a seductive game of cat and mouse. But for Alec and Gaige, the wrong move could get them killed.

Alec Drummond didn’t make his billions by playing nice—or by playing much at all. When it comes to pleasure, Alec only has time for whatever’s quick and easy, which is exactly what he gets from his company’s hot new computer genius. But Gaige Owens isn’t some pushover. He pushes back, and it’s giving Alec a rush. The question is, could Gaige be the one who’s leaking trade secrets? Just to be safe, Alec keeps him close at hand . . . night and day.

Gaige never thought he’d roll over for a man like Alec again, but who could resist sex this mind-blowing? Then there’s the draw of Alec’s mysterious side: his cutthroat ambition, his covert CIA connections, and the murder in his past. For Gaige, a deeper look proves an irresistible temptation. But when Gaige and Alec are stripped of their defenses by an unseen danger, everything they don’t know could bring them closer together—or tear them apart. Only one thing is certain: Before it’s all over, someone’s going down.

First in a new series by Helenkay Dimon, Dirty Deeds is the first book. Alec Drummond is the oldest of three brothers and the head of his families company. A company with extremely tight security. The best, until Gaige Owens breaks in. Forced to work for together for Seth, a CIA agent, they slowly but steadily form a bond. Someone it seems is trying to kill Alec or Gaige or maybe both, while they try to find out if someone has tampered with the Global Seed Vault. From what i understand this series is a spin off from another series. I have not read that series so I'm not sure if that was a hindrance to reading this book or not. I loved the plot and most of the characters. Gaige and Alec were awesome together. Somehow with everything i did like I had a hard time getting through the book. It took way longer than it should to read. I honestly can't nail down why i had so much trouble. The relationship between the characters worked for me but the techy stuff i guess fell flat.  It was like OK OK now get back to the good stuff. In the end overall i felt indifferent about the book. I could take it or leave it. Leaves me wondering if i want to continue reading this series or not. 

Find out more about HelenKay Dimon and this series here

Monday, August 7, 2017

eARC Book review: Stud by Jamie K. Schmidt


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Terri Cooke wishes she could give Mick Wentworth a piece of her mind. The infuriating stud muffin walks into her coffee shop every morning expecting his regular order at 8:57 on the dot, without ever acknowledging Terri’s presence—except for staring at her cleavage. And yet she can’t deny that Mick Wentworth has an animal magnetism that’s stronger and richer than any espresso . . . which explains why Terri says yes when he suddenly, inexplicably asks her out.

After the morning coffee run, Mick’s day is all downhill from there. His family’s marketing firm is dysfunctional in more ways than one, so to save the business, Mick desperately needs to impress their newest client. When he learns that Terri’s a fan of their trendy product, he tries to get inside her head. It doesn’t hurt that she’s the barista he’s been lusting after for the past five months. But as things heat up with Terri, Mick finds that a little steam is just the jolt he needs to turn his whole life around.

This a new to me author. Honestly the cover kind of jumped out at me and i thought i need to read the blurb on this. So here I am! Terri Cooke had a good life a boyfriend the job she always wanted. Then her brother got sick and she lost it all to take care of him. Mick Wentworth has money and is part of a family that owns a ad agency. He seems like he's got it all. Except his family sucks.  He's trying to get his families company out of the hands of his parents and back on track when he finds out that Terri who he's been seeing at the coffee shop she's been working in. Sparks fly! You know Mick comes off as a jerk off and on in this book. You can understand why trust is hard for him once you see what his family is like. Terri had the opposite type of family. Her parents and brother loved each other and then her parents died and it was just her and her brother. He fell ill and she would do anything to care for him. Something Mick knows his family would not do for him. There's a lot of crazy stuff going on in this story but Mich and Terri sizzle on the page when they get together. If you are in the mood to try something new this is only around 200 pages and its a hot sexy read! Well worth the read.

Find out more about Jamie K Schmidt here

Friday, August 4, 2017

eARC Book review: Worth the Wait (Guthrie Brothers #2) by Lori Foster


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Ready or not…love will find a way 

Single dad Hogan Guthrie is getting his life back on track, and working as the "barbecue master" at a local diner is just a temporary detour. He and restaurant owner Violet Shaw constantly butt heads…until one night they end up mingling other parts instead. Hogan thought he had the recipe for happiness all figured out. But loyal, carefree Violet is daring him to trust his impulses…and see just how sweet small-town living—and loving—can be. 

Nathan Hawley traded his SWAT team credentials for a sheriff's badge, but a gorgeous new neighbor is shaking up his orderly life. Nathan has a hunch there's more to Brooklin Sweet than meets the eye—but given her caution about getting involved, he has his work cut out for him. Still, there's something about the elusive beauty Nathan can't walk away from—and helping her come to terms with her past might pave the way to the future they both secretly long for.

Lori Foster's two book series ends with two new couples. Hogan Guthrie is Jason's brother from book one. He was just settling in to a new life with his son staying with his brother in book one. Now he's juggling a accounting job and BBQ master rib griller at a local diner. The diner is owned by Violet Shaw who is a women who can take care of herself and doesn't like to need help or accept it. The attraction is pretty instant for both of them. Hogan has some pretty big emotional barriers to get through to have anything with Violet that isn't superficial and she needs to learn how to let people help now and then. The other couple Nathan Hawley is the town sheriff and used to be on a SWAT team when a something went terribly wrong and he was left injured and a coworker killed. He still senses trouble when he meets Brooklin Sweet. Brooklin is hiding. From what is the million dollar question. You're kept guessing for a good part of the book until Nathan can win her over.  I like how the author  combined two couples into one cohesive book. They each had their own stories but were intermingled in a way that didn't take away from either couple. Colt steals the show for me. Colt is Hogan's 17 year old son and who would not want a son like him? He's thoughtful and smart and pays attention and is planning for his own future. Great story telling you are made to feel like you are a part of the story and i loved the wrap up at the end. Solid read!

Find out more about Lori Foster and this two book series here

Thursday, July 27, 2017

eARC Book review: Eye Candy (Real Love #1) by Jessica Lemmon


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Jacqueline: As an adult woman--and the vice president of a marketing firm--I shouldn't be waiting by my office window to ogle the mystery man who jogs by every morning at 11:45. Sure, he's a gorgeous, perfect specimen of the human race, but I can't bring myself to hit on a total stranger. However, my best friend-slash-colleague Vince Carson thinks I should do more than talk to the guy. In fact, he's borderline obsessive about "getting me laid." (His words.) But the more time we spend together, the more it's clear: The one I'm falling for is Vince.

Vince: Jackie Butler's got it bad for some pompous, over-pumped A-hole who struts his stuff past her window. That doesn't bother me. I know she deserves nice things. What does bother me is that she friend-zoned me big-time last year, so I can't ask her out myself. But what if I set her up with Mr. Steroids? Then, when he breaks her heart, I can swoop in and save her like the nice guy I am. Everything's going according to plan . . . until we share a ridiculously epic kiss. And suddenly anything is possible.

You know the beginning of this book a man runs by Jackie Butler's window and she drools over him. I really thought this book was going to have him as the hero. I was not correct in that thinking. After a couple minutes of disappointment i loved on and enjoyed the rest of the book! Ha! Jackie Butler and Vince Carson are both divorced and co-workers. Jackie thinks they are solidly in the friend zone and she needs a good friend. Vince was in the friend zone but he really wants to move on from that. Getting Jackie there with him in that endeavor is kinda what this book is about. He takes the hard way to get there and there are a ton of bumps along the way. They have their divorce history to deal with and the uncertainty of getting into a serious relationship again and of course trust.  This book turned out to be a lot of fun. I really like Vince's friend who is kind of mysterious even though there are mentions of his history i am sensing a story there. Jackie's sister is hilarious and even Vince's crazy neighbor was fun. Great emotional big finish which who doesn't love one of those! Love the characters and the story telling. A solid read!

Find out more about Jessica Lemmon and her work here

Friday, July 21, 2017

eARC Book review: Leader of the Pack (The Dogfather #3) by Roxanne St. Claire


Available July 21,2017
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Very few things ruffle K-9 trainer Liam Kilcannon. Stoic and steady, he has the patience and skill to transform a harmless puppy into a highly protective “schutzhund,” and the quiet strength to lead his five younger siblings through the storms of life. A former Marine who doesn’t waste words or squander emotions, Liam is also a man who very much wanted to spend his life with one special woman by his side. He found her… and lost her. And Liam won’t ever let himself slide down the Andi Rivers Slippery Slope to Misery again. But when his father tells him Andi’s house has been broken into, he doesn’t hesitate to offer her his beloved protection dog, a decision that will put them in close and constant contact.

Architect and single mom Andi Rivers knows nothing in life is certain, having first-hand experience with unexpected changes and tragedies that upended her world. Determined to protect her deeply shy little boy from another heartache, she’s vowed to stay single and unattached no matter how long and lonely her nights might be. Hesitant to take Liam’s dog at first, she soon changes her mind when an estranged relative launches a campaign to take custody of little Christian. A dog won’t be enough…Andi needs a family to protect her son. When the Kilcannon clan moves into action, the solution they offer is drastic but perfect. Liam and Jag are there to protect Andi’s home and child…but what will protect their hearts from the risk of falling in love – and failing – one last time?

Liam Kilcannon is a glutton for punishment. He's loved Andi Rivers since he laid eyes on her.  The K-9 trainer at the family business he's tough and  stable on the outside. On the inside he's soft and squishy. He's looking for a love like his parents had and thinks Andi is the one. Unfortunately after only a month of dating the father of her 6 year old son stepped back into the picture and she ended them. Three years later Andi needs his help but her heart is still holding up a stop sign any time he gets close.  I really am enjoying this series and the big family of Kilcannon's too.  I loved both Liam and Andi and Andi's little boy Christian. Liam and his protection dog Jag open shy and sweet Christian up and he's like a new kid. When you think there is only one bad guy in this story you might be surprised when the bigger picture opens up. I really wanted to Andi to get  a clue about Liam sooner than she did. The back and forth was started to get to me by the end.  I loved seeing all the secondary characters woven in and out of the story. The author wraps this up wonderfully and i was so happy with the Epilogue. This has been one of those series you get comfortable reading because you know you're going to enjoy every book. 

Find out more about this series and author Roxanne St. Claire here

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

eARC Book review: Rocky Mountain Home (Six Pack Ranch #11) by Vivian Arend


Available July 18th
eARC Provided by author for review

The FINAL NOVEL in the bestselling SIX PACK RANCH series by New York Times Bestselling Author Vivian Arend. 
There’s no distance you can run to escape the past. 

Too stubborn to face his sins, Jesse Coleman bolted from the Six Pack Ranch, only to fall straight into the arms of a beautiful stranger. Twelve hours later, the seductive firebrand is nothing but a whiskey-laced memory—but one powerful enough to convince Jesse tracking down his elusive lover is worth the effort. 

Darilyn Hayes figured it was her lucky night when the sexiest cowboy in Alberta interrupted her annual drink-until-I-fall-over wake. At least until four weeks later when she discovers she’s pregnant and her one-night-stand is nowhere to be found. Still, as she’s shared with her devoted blog readers, Dare has dealt with life’s not-so-gentle surprises before. She’ll make it on her own. 

When an internet picture gone viral leads to their reunion, Jesse’s floored by Dare’s news. She’s very clear she’s not looking for a commitment, but screw that. He’s going to do the right thing by her and his unborn kid. The fact they lit the sheets on fire is a bonus, but with a baby on the way, both their lives are gonna change. 

Jesse’s got a ton of family to reconnect with, including his estranged twin. Dare holds family loosely—even though she loves them—because she knows too well how fragile life can be. Between her and Jesse, they’ve got enough baggage to open a store. 

But they still have a shot at forever—if they’re willing to fight for it. 

Jesse Coleman left town without saying goodbye to his family especially his beloved twin brother. Running away from his problems wasn't the smartest thing but it led him straight into his destiny. Darilyn Hayes is having her own get away party of one when Jesse walks in to the bar she is drowning old sad memories in. They hit it off right away and after a unforgettable night Jesse wakes up alone. Neither one forgets the other and when Dari realizes she's pregnant she needs to try and find Jesse. Thankfully he finds her when she posts about him on her blog and includes a sexy picture. I loved Jesse and Dari together. They clicked for me right from the beginning. Jesse struggles with the stuff he messed up before he left home and some of the other stuff he feels he did wrong over the years. Dari struggles with what she's going to do with a baby on the way and missing her parents. Changes all around for them both. Dari helps Jesse work through everything and Jesse is there for Dari while both learn about each other.  I felt their love for each other right away but of course they didn't know it realize it themselves. It was fun watching them get to know either other and their respective families while finding their way to love. Hate to see this series come to a end but i know there is a spin off series coming up involving Dari's family. I don't think we've seen the last of the Coleman's just yet. 

Find out more about this series and Vivian Arend here

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

eARC Book review: Fuel for Fire (Black Knights Inc. #10) by Julie Ann Walker


Available July 4th 2017
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A brooding covert operative and a spunky CIA agent discover a burning passion in the next installment of Julie Ann Walker's red-hot BKI series

Dagan Zoelner has made three huge mistakes
The first two left blood on his hands. 
The third left him wondering...what if? What if he had told the woman of his dreams how he felt before his world fell apart?

Spitfire CIA agent Chelsea Duvall has always had a thing for bossy, brooding Dagan. It's just as well that he's never given her a second look, since she carries a combustible secret about his past that threatens to torch their lives...

Dagan Zoelner and Chelsea Duvall have been banging against each other for years. Hostile toward each other for reasons we have never really been privy to until now. Small bits and pieces of their histories have been given to us in small doses in previous books. The sexual tension off the charts. Finally Chelsea has her big moment in the field on her own. It all seems to going really well until it just isn't. Dagan to the rescue though with the help from a few other BKI's and they are on the run. Lives in the balance Dagan finally tells Chelsea how he feels.  Chelsea is forced to tell a secret that will devastate Dagan.  Besides a banging great story with the main characters Julie Ann Walker writes beautiful secondary characters as well. You're not just entertained by the main love interests but dazzled by her secondaries as well. She sets up future books in bits and pieces. Just enough to make you get excited by what's to come. Dagan and Chelsea are these wonderful people who blame themselves for things they weren't guilty of. The sizzle between these two was off the charts. There was something about Dagan when he first appeared in this series that got to me. I was so happy to finally see him get his happy ending. He more than deserved it. 

Find out more about this series and Julie Ann Walker here

Monday, June 26, 2017

eARC Book review: Mr. Rich by Virna DePaul


Available June 27th 2017
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She finds a wallet (not a shoe), and he’s a billionaire (not a prince), but this time, Cinderella’s turning the tables. . . .

Julia: Shilling samples at a grocery store isn’t exactly my dream job. Yet here I am, tray in hand and fake smile plastered on my face. The one highlight is seeing him. I don’t know his name, but if I did, I’d scream it during the naughty dreams he inspires. He’s crazy handsome, all confidence and an air of power. He’s never said a word to me. Never even looked in my direction. Then one day he literally falls at my feet. Now I have his wallet. I know where he lives. And I’ve found the nude photos of him online. 

It’s not the bruschetta on her tray he really wants to taste. . . .

Bastian: I’ve dated models, doctors, and CEOs, but something about Julia Rominger has me intrigued . . . and more than a little aroused. Maybe it’s her lush curves driving me wild. Or the fact that she has no problem telling me to go to hell. Either way, she’s seen me at my worst; I want to hit her with my best. I know where to touch, where to kiss, and just how far to push to drive her crazy. Soon, however, pleasuring Julia isn’t enough. I want to possess her. I need to make her mine. And I’ll fight to the bitter end to win her heart.

Julia and Bastian meet in the most unlikeliest of places. A grocery store where Julia hands out samples and Bastian gets his vitamins. Well they don't know it but Julia has had her on on Bastian since he came in the store the first time and Bastian comes in just to catch a glimpse of her.  Just when they both are going to make a move Julia had to call a ambulance for Bastian when she finds him passed out on the floor in her store. Not exactly suave but Bastian makes up for it later i assure you. Both Julia and Bastian have some confidence issues based on things in their lives and their pasts. These things play hard into their budding relationship and later when things fall apart. I adored both Bastian and Julia. There is a sweetness and vulnerability to both characters. Don't be fooled by that because they both bring the hotness factor as well. The author did a great job adding a illness that is quite serious with Bastian without letting it dominate the story. It's refreshing to see real life situations to a story including some terrible things that happened to Julia that caused her to drop out of college. It was part of the story but was not THE story. I loved the epilogue wrap up at the end of the book and the glimpse into what happens after the story. Perfect way to end it for me.

Find out more about Virna Depaul and her work here

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

eARC Book review: The Legend (Sons of Texas #3) by Donna Grant


Available June 27th 2017
eARC  provided by publisher through Netgalley


Callie Reed doesn’t need a man to protect her. An expert sharpshooter and renegade hacker, this Texas-born spitfire’s got the skills and the courage to stand up to any danger―no matter how deadly. But when she becomes the target of a shadowy organization known as the Saints, Callie is forced to team up with the one man she can’t outshoot: the gorgeous, and infuriating, Lone Star legend named Wyatt Loughman…

A Delta Force Colonel with a rock-hard body and stone-cold heart, Wyatt has been teasing and tormenting Callie since they were playmates on his family’s ranch. Of course, he’s wildly attracted to the fiery, strong-willed Callie. But he’s always hidden his feelings behind a wall of Texas tough and military cool, even as he’s burning up with desire. Can Wyatt save Callie’s life―without putting her love in the line of fire?

Wyatt the oldest of the Loughman brothers is teamed up with Callie Reed his old lover. Throughout the series they've been forced to work with each other while denying old feelings. In the beginning of this book they are along together. The longer they are together the harder it is to hold back. When the bad guys come calling though all bets are off. The first half of this book was kind of boring. Hate to say that but i was expecting more interaction between all the carious parties in this series. It seemed the brothers and their ladies never checked in with each other til halfway through the book and it seemed more like a waiting game for the action to start. Once it gets going though the action is fast paced. Wyatt and Callie can't deny their feelings any longer when they realize there might not be a tomorrow. The book wraps up the three book series but i was left wondering if there might be more with some of the secondary characters. Guess i'll have to wait and see. I loved the brothers and their women and some of the secondary characters were interesting and memorable as well. I would love to see more from this series!

Find out more about Donna Grant and this series here

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

eARC Book review: Lip Action (Kiss Talent Agency #1) by Virna DePaul


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Appearance is everything to my upper-crust mother, but when she insists I take back my pedigreed-but-cheating ex? I’d rather stab myself with a salad fork. So I blurt out I’m dating someone new. Someone like…that smoking-hot, vaguely familiar guy across the restaurant, who could be the next James Bond.

Turns out he’s the star of my favorite, cheesy, sci-fi soap opera. (Don’t judge me.) One minute I’m fantasizing about Borg and his green-hued abs. The next, Simon Dale is making me an offer my sex-starved body can’t refuse.


I’m up for a breakout movie role that’ll launch me off the B-list, but I don’t need a script to read the scene between Marissa and her mum. Even though I’m a London gutter rat who never rubbed elbows with a Royal, I easily slip into the role of Marissa’s doting boyfriend. Why? I need a favor in return— a steady girlfriend, just long enough to convince the producers I’ve changed my wild ways.

Trouble is, I’m going all Method on this relationship—and close to losing the one thing that could break me. My heart.

Marissa is stuck in a bad cycle of her own making with her family. Her overbearing mother is trying to boss her and pressure her into going back to her cheating ex-boyfriend. Simon is a B list actor who needs some help of his own to get a part in a big movie so he can make it big. When he makes the offer to help her by being her fake boyfriend and she be his fake girlfriend things get exciting. She's rich and wonderfully sweet and he had a horrible childhood and sees himself as not good enough for her. Simon may be mixed up about his self worth but he is a perfect gentleman to Marissa. He sees her as she is and she's sees herself as flawed and not good enough for him. He's the strong one for a good portion of the book  until everything falls apart but by then Marissa finally realizes she's strong too. She's worthy of love. It takes losing Marissa for Simon to let go of his past. Some parts felt a but cheesy but over all i loved both Simon and Marissa. They were stronger together even though in a lot of ways they were so different.

 Find out more about this brand new series and Virna DePaul here