Tuesday, June 20, 2017

eARC Book review: The Legend (Sons of Texas #3) by Donna Grant


Available June 27th 2017
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Callie Reed doesn’t need a man to protect her. An expert sharpshooter and renegade hacker, this Texas-born spitfire’s got the skills and the courage to stand up to any danger―no matter how deadly. But when she becomes the target of a shadowy organization known as the Saints, Callie is forced to team up with the one man she can’t outshoot: the gorgeous, and infuriating, Lone Star legend named Wyatt Loughman…

A Delta Force Colonel with a rock-hard body and stone-cold heart, Wyatt has been teasing and tormenting Callie since they were playmates on his family’s ranch. Of course, he’s wildly attracted to the fiery, strong-willed Callie. But he’s always hidden his feelings behind a wall of Texas tough and military cool, even as he’s burning up with desire. Can Wyatt save Callie’s life―without putting her love in the line of fire?

Wyatt the oldest of the Loughman brothers is teamed up with Callie Reed his old lover. Throughout the series they've been forced to work with each other while denying old feelings. In the beginning of this book they are along together. The longer they are together the harder it is to hold back. When the bad guys come calling though all bets are off. The first half of this book was kind of boring. Hate to say that but i was expecting more interaction between all the carious parties in this series. It seemed the brothers and their ladies never checked in with each other til halfway through the book and it seemed more like a waiting game for the action to start. Once it gets going though the action is fast paced. Wyatt and Callie can't deny their feelings any longer when they realize there might not be a tomorrow. The book wraps up the three book series but i was left wondering if there might be more with some of the secondary characters. Guess i'll have to wait and see. I loved the brothers and their women and some of the secondary characters were interesting and memorable as well. I would love to see more from this series!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

eARC Book review: Lip Action (Kiss Talent Agency #1) by Virna DePaul


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Appearance is everything to my upper-crust mother, but when she insists I take back my pedigreed-but-cheating ex? I’d rather stab myself with a salad fork. So I blurt out I’m dating someone new. Someone like…that smoking-hot, vaguely familiar guy across the restaurant, who could be the next James Bond.

Turns out he’s the star of my favorite, cheesy, sci-fi soap opera. (Don’t judge me.) One minute I’m fantasizing about Borg and his green-hued abs. The next, Simon Dale is making me an offer my sex-starved body can’t refuse.


I’m up for a breakout movie role that’ll launch me off the B-list, but I don’t need a script to read the scene between Marissa and her mum. Even though I’m a London gutter rat who never rubbed elbows with a Royal, I easily slip into the role of Marissa’s doting boyfriend. Why? I need a favor in return— a steady girlfriend, just long enough to convince the producers I’ve changed my wild ways.

Trouble is, I’m going all Method on this relationship—and close to losing the one thing that could break me. My heart.

Marissa is stuck in a bad cycle of her own making with her family. Her overbearing mother is trying to boss her and pressure her into going back to her cheating ex-boyfriend. Simon is a B list actor who needs some help of his own to get a part in a big movie so he can make it big. When he makes the offer to help her by being her fake boyfriend and she be his fake girlfriend things get exciting. She's rich and wonderfully sweet and he had a horrible childhood and sees himself as not good enough for her. Simon may be mixed up about his self worth but he is a perfect gentleman to Marissa. He sees her as she is and she's sees herself as flawed and not good enough for him. He's the strong one for a good portion of the book  until everything falls apart but by then Marissa finally realizes she's strong too. She's worthy of love. It takes losing Marissa for Simon to let go of his past. Some parts felt a but cheesy but over all i loved both Simon and Marissa. They were stronger together even though in a lot of ways they were so different.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

eARC Book review: Claimed by the Rancher: A Scandalous Story of Passion and Romance by Jules Bennett


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Just how far is this wealthy rancher willing to go for his pregnant lover? 

Their years apart haven't diminished Nolan Elliott's desire for Pepper Manning. Even knowing she's pregnant with another man's baby, the rancher can't stay away. He didn't claim her when she needed him so long ago and the sting of losing her, and their child, still resonates.

With custody of her unborn baby now in jeopardy, Nolan vows to use his wealth and power to give Pepper everything she wants. That means proposing a marriage...in name only. But is that a vow the rancher stands any chance of keeping?

Claimed by the Rancher is part of The Rancher's Heirs series.

I always enjoy second chance romances. Nolan and Pepper used to be a close couple. Young and in love when Pepper gets pregnant and lost the baby, Nolan pulled away and let Pepper go. He hardened his heart against love and has been living his life with no serious entanglements. Now Pepper has come back to town after drifting around for years trying to find where she belongs. Opening a arts and floral store one of her first customers turns out to be Nolan. Pepper pregnant with another man's baby she runs into some problems with her store and her baby's family and Nolan is there to help.  Oh Nolan! He's such a wonderful guy yet can't see what he has right in front of his face. Taking care of a pregnant Pepper and all that entails messes with that stone cold heart. The one that's been closed for business for years. Pepper still loves Nolan but can't open herself up to the possibility of have her heart broke again. I felt for both Nolan and Pepper even when several times i wanted to kick Nolan and tell him to get a clue. Thank goodness for brothers. Nolan's brother tries to get him to see that what he needs is right there for the taking. Loving these Elliot brother's and their big hearts. 

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Monday, June 5, 2017

eARC Book review: Middleman by Jayne Rylon


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I don’t kneel for any man. Not anymore. 
I had the perfect dominant boyfriend. Then Cortez left me to save the world. 
After two and a half years lost drowning my misery in bad decisions, one man changed everything. 
Rogan is the perfect submissive, who puts me back in control of both him and my life. 
Until Cortez comes home. 
Who am I? Cortez’s bottom or Rogan’s top? 
Maybe I’m both. 
Maybe I was made to be their middleman. 

This book is new territory for me. I have never read a M/M/M before. I wasn't sure if it was for me but i went in with a open mind and plenty of curiosity. Cortez dominates Kaden and then destroys him when he leaves. He's got a good reason and has no choice. The way he cuts off Kaden though leaves them both reeling. Then Rogan walks into Kaden's life and after years of destruction new light starts to bring Kaden back. Now what if Cortez comes back? Oh he definitely does. There's some deep dark feelings for these men in this book. It's interesting to see how the author handles these three powerful men. The story is told from all three men's point of view. It's intense but there are some fun tender moments as well. The sex scenes are scorching hot and at times tender and intense. A few places felt a little cheesy to me but over all the story telling put me right there and wishing i could know these three guys. Each one incredibly strong and stand up guys who would be amazing  to know if they were real. If you're a reader wavering on trying a menage book with three guys this one would be a good place to start.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

eARC Book review: Toughest Cowboy in Texas (Happy, Texas #1) by Carolyn Brown


Available May 30th 2017
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Available May 30th 2017
eARC Provided by publisher through Netgally

The Spark of an Old Flame

Last time Lila Harris was in Happy, Texas, she was actively earning her reputation as the resident wild child. Now, a little older and wiser, she's back to run her mother's café for the summer. Except something about this town has her itching to get a little reckless and rowdy, especially when she sees her old partner-in-crime, Brody Dawson. Their chemistry is just as hot as ever. But he's still the town's golden boy-and she's still the wrong kind of girl.

Brody hasn't had much time lately for anything other than ranching. Running the biggest spread in the county and taking care of his family more than keeps him busy. All that responsibility has him longing for the carefree days of high school-and Lila. She may have grown up, but he still sees that spark of mischief in her eyes. Now he's dreaming about late-night skinny dipping and wondering how he can possibly resist the one woman he can never forget...

Brody and Lila get a second chance at love. Brody a chance to finally get it right after the way he blew Lila off all those years ago right before she left town with her mom. Now Lila is back to help run her mom's diner while it's being sold. Brody looks at it as his chance to make up for the way he acted years ago when he blew off a date with Lila right before she left. Before then they saw each other in secret because their mother's didn't approve. I loved the idea of this story. Then i started reading. Loved it at first until the moms came into play. The hate from the mothers drove me nuts. To much to over the top.  I could understand if they were teenagers still but they are 30 years old. Lila was all over the place sometimes which was bothersome as well. Why didn't they just talk to each other? Brody seemed to try but it felt like they talked about everything except what they wanted. When the mothers finally decided to let them be adults and be supportive it was almost to late. For me it was to late. It took me a while to read this book. Longer than it should have. I thought about quitting but i needed to know how it resolved so i pushed through. The ending was kind of a let down for me. Lots of potential that fell flat unfortunately.

Find out more about this series and Carolyn Brown here www.carolynbrownbooks.com